Holton H478 needs maintenance


Holton H478 1~3 lever are adhere hard to play at the moment. Please repair it . [APPEARANCE] Excellent condition. [ScratchesDullness] There are little scratches and very little dullness.No dent. [FUNCTIONAL] Needs maintenance for levers. [ACCESSORIES] Hard case Please refer to the photo for details about its condition. Please ensure this is a secondhand item and it may need to be maintained. Shipp ...  More


You are bidding on a Holton 180 Farkas French Horn in beautiful condition! It is an older horn. There is some crackling in the finish and a little bit of wear, but overall it is in excellent condition. The valves pop - all compression is outstanding! This horn is a real player with a gorgeous tone. The notes play with ease, which makes it an incredibly enjoyable playing experience. It was recently ...  More
H376 Holton Double French Horn


Normal usage wear and tear, but a beautiful sound! Has been well maintained and kept. Second owner of this horn! Original owner used throughout college, my son used this for jr. high band and has upgraded through school.
Holton Farkas H-279 (179 with screw bell) Double French Horn w/Case, Mouthpiece


Up for auction is a vintage (serial number 574995) Holton H-279 "Farkas" Double French Horn. This instrument was developed and designed by Philip Farkas, is in very good condition, and plays well. The valves move well and the slides all move of course. The Holton 279 is identical to the Holton 179 double french horn except that it has a screw bell configuration. The horn started life as a standard ...  More
Holton Farkas H-178 (Yellow/Medium Bore179) Double French Horn w/Case/Mouthpiece


Up for auction is a vintage (serial number 520756) Holton H-178 "Farkas" Double French Horn. This instrument was developed and designed with the help of Philip Farkas. It is a yellow brass Kruspe wrap symphonic double horn. The 178 is identical to the 179, other than being made from yellow brass for a somewhat warmer tone and having a medium bell throat for a tighter, more focused sound. It is in ...  More
Holton H-378 Double French Horn w/Case, Mouthpiece


Up for auction is a vintage (serial number 664910) Holton H-378 Double French Horn. This instrument is in very good playing condition, and plays very well. The valves move well with like-new compression, and the slides all move of course. As for the aesthetic condition of this horn, there are a few small pings, and some scratching in the lacquer throughout the instrument. There are also a few spot ...  More
Holton Farkas H-179 Professional Double French Horn With Case and Mouthpiece


Holton H-179 Double French Horn EX Player Just back from the shop Ser# 456301


Holton Farkas H-180 (Yellow Brass 179) Double French Horn w/Case, Mouthpiece


Nickel Silver Holton H-379 Kruspe Wrap Double French Horn w/ Case and Mouthpiece


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