Holton french horn


Up for auction is this rare single horn built by Holton. It is complete but has an odd set of rotors I have never seen before. They are set between two adjustment screws and have a dust cover that sets over the back bearing plate. Kinda different and they still work. The horn is fully intact and comes with its original holton case. Please no international bidders. If you have any questions please ...  More
Professional Antique 1918 Holton Double Bb and F# French Horn


Professional Antique 1918 Double French Horn. (Bb and F#) Completely Nickel Silver horn. Model number is visible on horn. The horn is also in its original case. Mouth piece does not come with horn. The horn is in great shape, used but looks and plays like new. Is in complete working order. Please only contact me with serious inquiries.
1965 Holton Model 76 Double French Horn with Case and Mouthpiece


Up for auction is a 1965 (serial number 395703) Holton model 76 Double French Horn. This instrument is in good condition, plays in F/Bb, and plays very well. The valves move well with good compression, and the slides all move. As for the aesthetic condition of this horn, there are some small pings, some scratching and light etching as well as some rippling throughout the instrument. There is also ...  More
Holton H179 Double Horn (Farkas Model) - Original Owner Mint Condition!!


Original owner selling this beautiful French Horn which is practically in mint condition (no dings, scratches, or marks). I received it as a gift from my parents and used it my first year in college before quitting the music program and I am finally ready to let it go to someone that will put it to good use. The horn originally cost about 4k and has been well taken care of and sitting in my closet ...  More
Holton French Horn Double H379, Nickel Silver


Holton French Horn Double H379, Nickel Silver, great playing condition. Slides and valves work smooth, Some small areas missing lacquer, tiny dent near finger hook. A dent in bell near brace plate was rolled out perfectly. Horn has flaws, it is not perfect, see photo of pitting on bottom (with tape measure), and photo of where left hand holds horn. Serial number 698330, my guess about 15 years old ...  More
Holton H179 Farkas series Double French Horn Solid Nickel w/ case and mouthpiece


The Holton H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn is praised by professional musicians and by academics for its truly centered tone. "Buy now", priced to sell.
Holton Regency Single French Horn


Holton H-177 Double French Horn cir. 1969. One owner! RARE


Holton Single French Horn in F with Case, Extra Slide, and Two Mouthpieces


Holton H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn NEAR MINT!


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