Holton Student Single French Horn- fantastic shape ! includes NEW mouthpiece


Holton Single French Horn with Case (not a Double Horn) Holton is a VERY respected company with a long history - MADE IN THE USA includes mouthpiece This item is a used single horn that has been inspected and refurbished by our professionally trained technicians and is in excellent playing condition. All tuning slides and valves move easily. The finish on this instrument is in very good condition ...  More
Holton French horn


Up for sale is a Holton Horn in F, also known as a french horn. This horn is in a used condition, with a few small dents on the bell tubing. There is a small engraving on the horn that the previous owner made. The horn needs some oil in the rotors, and the second rotor needs a new string. The horn also needs a minor adjustment for the lead pipe because it is slightly misaligned. These repairs are ...  More
Holton 179 Double Horn-FREE SHIPPING


Holton Farkas 179 Double French Horn. Solid nickel silver construction with clear lacquer. Serial number 558260. This outstanding professional level horn has been professionally serviced at a world-class facility, dents removed, Ultrasonically cleaned, adjusted, and a new clear lacquer applied. Truly a beautiful horn that will give you many, many years of outstanding service. Perfect for the aspir ...  More
Holton Student Model H650 Beginner Single French Horn


This auction is for a used Holton Student Model H650 Beginner Single French Horn. Serial # 610506. This instrument is in great shape and good working order. Designed for introductory students, the Holton model H650 is an easy-blowing and responsive single horn that allows clean execution of notes due to its smaller taper in the mouthpipe and venturi and its short-stroke rotary valve action. Holton ...  More
Holton Farkas H179 double French horn


Holton horns offer an alternative in design that creates a great experience for the young or advanced players. This Farkas model offers independent tuning for convenience allowing the player to tune the Bb side of the horn seperately from the F side.The most popular Holton horn, the H179 has especially good center and projection. The larger tapers of the bell and branches produce a big, dark, rich ...  More
Lightly Used Holton H602 Single Horn


Yellow Brass Holton H602 horn, seven years old, and was played for three. Still in excellent condition, with very minor cosmetic dings on the bell. Valves are frequently oiled, and are very quick. The horn would come with its original hard shell case (with moderate wear, it's still functional but only two of the three latches work), and two mouthpieces (a Holton Farkas MC, and a Custom Stork Orval ...  More
New Holton French Horn H651M - Lacquer


Holton H-378 Double French Horn


Holton Farkas MDC French Horn Mouthpiece, Used but in Exquisite Condition!




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