Holton Model H379 Nickel Silver Double French Horn w/New Case & Mouthpiece


-Completely overhauled. Most of dents taken out. Buffed and shined up. Lacquered with baked on lacquer and baked in oven -New corks and strings. -Playing full, warm and dark sound. The tone is mellow, smooth and sweet. The Bb and F side timbres match well. The horn is responsive and free-blowing. The high and low registers speak very well and are comfortable to play in. The horn has a good dynamic ...  More


Pro Horn player/ teacher is selling a GORGEOUS Holton Farkas double French Horn! This is a model H177 in nickel silver, and it has a medium-sized bell bore. This model is similar to the H179, but the medium bell allows for a more direct sound that can get more edge to the sound, quicker and easier. Typically, the H177 has a slightly brighter sound than the H179, however, this one has a nice warm t ...  More
Holton H378 French Horn


A very nice horn. two small dimples in bell; no effect on tone, easily burnished with the right tool. comes with a Holton Farkas MC mouthpiece. Please see pictures for best description. Feel free to ask questions. Thanks!
Holton Farkas Double French Horn H281


Holton Farkas Double French Horn. Beautiful pro horn. No major dents and very few minor ones.The detachable bell makes it very nice for transport. The Rose bell gives it a darker, beautiful sound. If you know anything about musical instruments, you will know Holton is a very solid American made brand. A horn exactly like this one just recently sold on ebay for 2600., but it had the original case a ...  More
Holton H281 Double French Horn with Detachable Rose Bell


This horn was recently chem-cleaned and the bell threads were repaired. In great condition! Will ship with hard case and Balu mute (as seen in pictures). I am happy to answer any questions you may have and/or provide more photos.
(Nearly New) Holton H-379 Kruspe Wrap Double French Horn w/Case, Mouthpiece


Silver and Brass Music Shop is a brick-and-mortar brass instrument restoration and repair shop located in Carson City, NV. For more information about our business, please feel free to visit our Ebay Profile at http://www.ebay.com/usr/silver_brass_music Here is a Holton H-379 Double French Horn in excellent condition. This is a solid nickel silver Kruspe wrap symphonic double horn. It plays very we ...  More
Holton Farkas H-77 (Became the H-179) Double French Horn w/Case, Mouthpiece


Holton H478 (378 w/screw bell) Kruspe Wrap Double French Horn w/Case, Mouthpiece


Holton H175 Merker Matic




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