Holton st302 Professional Trumpet


Reviews of this model specify big fat full lead sound, centers well and great intonation up high. All 3 Slides and all 3 valves move freely. Good condition, couple spots where plating is worn off and couple small dings near the bell. As is. Comes with Case Pictured.
Holton Collegiate T602 Trumpet - Smooth Valves - w Hard Case & 7C Mouthpiece


Used this trumpet all through middle and high school as member of band. A little beat up with some scratches and wear and tear but valves are fine and still has good tone and it's a good functioning instrument perfect for school band or just for fun. I'm just ready to retire as a trumpet player and have moved on to other instruments. Thanks for bidding on this item.
Holton H181 Professional Farkas French Horn Case Mint Condition


Click on the image below to get zoomed view of the item Holton H181 Professional Farkas French Horn Case Mint Condition SKU# 59-1/AJJJ The Holton Farkas French Horn is one of the most popular series among players as well as a great instrument for schools. The Holton Farkas H181 / H281 Double French Horn features a rose brass bell that produces a darker sound. Capable of a wide range of dynamics, i ...  More
Vinage Frank Holton trumpet #77991


This item is a Frank Holton Co. trumpet. I am not a musician so I will describe the instrument based on what I see. Silver in color but, is tarnished and will need cleaning. There are a couple dents. One on the edge of the bell, one on the body of the bell. One on the neck and one on the smallest slide. The valves move freely down but, the center one is a little sticky and takes a few seconds do p ...  More
Holton Revelation 52 Tuba Mouthpiece


A vintage Holton Revelation 52 tuba mouthpiece. See photos for details. Numerous scratches and dings. Silver plating is mostly intact. Dings on the shank. I've never had any functional problems playing on it, but my embouchure is more suited to a flatter rim and sharper inner edge.


Holton trombone


Selmer Bundy Trumpet with frank holton & co 7C +schilke 6A4A Mouthpieces


1969 Holton Bass Trombone TR185


2 Holton French Horn Mthpces, Shallow & Extra-Deep, Slvr Plated, no reserve


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