Holton Trombone Model TR602 Good Playing condition! SN 986960


http://www.norlanbewley.com/trombone-tips/trombone-selection.htm http://www.brassreview.com/reviews/holton/p2433-holton-tr602.html The above websites tell all about this model horn. From Seller: This Horton Trombone is used and has some small dents, finish loss in a number of places. Horn is fully functional. Slide is strong and has good pressure(not worn out.). Joints are all intact . Trombone is ...  More


This HOLTON horn is up for bid It 's a good start horn in good condition, only played twice in 6 months, I will Oil & grease slides before shipping, the horn has some pro features such as a first valve saddle etc. and was cleaned, The serial # is 917306 No marking on the Bell.. Not sure what Holton Model this is? But it plays well and asking a fair price for this horn. I am including a MP and ...  More


Pro player/ Horn teacher has a Holton Merker Matic double French Horn for sale. This is a model H175, one of Holton's MOST POPULAR PROFESSIONAL MODEL. It is made of nickel silver. The bell bore is a large size. Two spit valves for ease of emptying. It was very lightly used by a college student, and it is in absolutely perfect playing/ working order. The valves are lightning fast-- they move quietl ...  More
Holton Tuckwell H-105LB - French Horn - Detachable Bell - Rose Brass - 2 Cases


This horn was originally purchased personally used by Holton clinician Lisa Bontrager. It has a detachable rose brass bell. It was hand selected at the factory and well used for many recordings and performances. Excellent playing condition, but with cosmetic flaws due to use. There are no dents but the finish has worn in several places. The purchase includes a well used Galax hard shell gig bag/ba ...  More
Holton T602 Gold Trumpet


Up for auction is this vintage Frank Holton & Co. T602 gold trumpet. It is in very good used condition and good playing condition. The only thing I could find as damage was a couple of dents (see 6th photo). The valves are fast with good compression. It has the 7c mouthpiece, case and a few instruction books included. This would be a great gift for the new band member.
Trumpet Holton T602 Used Parts or repair NEEDS TLC ***FREE SHIPPING***


HOLTON TRUMPET T602 This item is USED, but needs a lot of work. The noticeable problems are as follows: The valves are slow responding, maybe just need oil, the bell is dented and dinged, one spit valve is missing, the other is missing the pad and one of the slides is missing its little tab. (SEE PICTURES) There maybe be something I am overlooking and it may not be as bad as I am making it sound, ...  More
Youth trombone


Holton TR 156 Trombone


Holton 22 Trombone Mouthpiece


Great Playing 1952 FRANK HOLTON COLLEGIATE Cornet, Case, MP, *** VIDEO *** (119)


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