1934 Holton Professional Trumpet in Great shape. .452 bore. Very Rare!!!


Wonderful 1934 Holton "Professional" Trumpet. This is a very rare horn that looks much like a 48 Revelation but has distinct differences. All parts work, nothing is stuck. A few dings but nothing major. Plays great though all registers. Case is a period King case that is functional. Slight musty smell and latch springs no longer work. Also comes with unmarked short shank mouthpiece that is necessa ...  More
Holton 12C Trombone Mouthpiece


Medium-shallow cup, medium wide rim, 25.75mm inside cup diameter, 37.97mm outside cup diameter, 5.84mm throat diameter. Delivers bright tone and great projection.This is a used trombone mouthpiece (please see photos), but is in good condition (small dent on the shank) and would be a great mouthpiece for a beginner.
Vintage Holton Trumpet AS IS


Vintage Holton trumpet here up for bids and sold AS IS It has dents and/or other issues. The case says collegiate by Holton. I assume Holton is the maker of this trumpet, yet I was not able to find the logo or insignia anywhere on the trumpet stating collegiate by Holton. As you might be able to tell I'm trying to be very accurate with this (not being a musician myself). I do not want to say anyth ...  More
Holton trombone mouthpiece 7C small shank


In great shape, no nicks, good finish.


Stamped - COLLEGIATE FRANK HOLTON & CO. ELKHORN, WIS. , ......... PayPal ONLY due at closing or within one day. NO RETURNS. SOLD AS IS. LOWER 48 STATES ONLY. Insurance is already included with the shipping amount. Bidders with Zero ( 0 ) or low feedback rating will have to be blocked. PayPal : Verified buyers with confirmed shipping address ONLY. NO THIRD PARTY BIDDERS that attempt to ship it ...  More
HOLTON MUTE BAG ( 1985 ) - 16 inch long


This is actually a trombone mute bag but it's much better suited for trumpet, will hold maybe 7 or 8 trumpet mutes-but maybe 2 or 3 trombone mutes, the covering material would probably be considered naugahyde ( imitation leather ), some of the photos look like it's scratched ( the end views ) but it's not- it's just the way the light is hitting the embossed pattern, on photo #8 - notice where the ...  More
Frank Holton & Co 1 1/2G Trombone Mouthpiece


Frank Holton & Co 1 1/2G Trombone Mouthpiece


Vintage 1940's Frank Holton & Co Revelation 73 Cornet Mouthpiece Elkhorn,WI


Holton "Revelation" Trumpet


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