Custom Kanstul Copper Bell 1963 Blessing Artist Pro Bb Trumpet Large Bore DARK


This instrument is Vintage, and therefore is of much higher quality than current Blessing instruments. Dont let the name fool you, this horn is professional quality. Here is a video of it being played. This is a beautiful 1963 Blessing Artist Pro trumpet which has been fitted with a Kanstul L3 copper bell to only further darken the tone of this very large bore (.468") instrument. It includes 6 mod ...  More
Besson International USA Trumpet Large Bore


The perfect bright and easy to play lead/commercial trumpet. You're viewing a good condition Kanstul-made Besson International USA Large bore trumpet. I believe these are either .462 or .464 at the second slide, but I may be wrong. The horn does allow a very efficient approach, but won't fight you when you step on the gas, a perfect trait for flexible commercial and big-band performance! I am gett ...  More


Estate sale find Found on a shelf in the garage Dont think it was ever opened until I opened it It was stuck in with some vintage music books Have no idea if original or repo Look at photos and ask any questions
Vincent Bach 5C Trumpet Mouthpiece (Large Letter Series)


Vincent Bach 5C Trumpet Mouthpiece (Large Letter Series)
Vintage Bach 7C LARGE LETTER Medium Cup Silver Trumpet Mouthpiece


Vintage Bach 7C LARGE LETTER Medium Cup Silver trumpet Mouthpiece
Brass Hunting Horn Large Bugle Vintage Circle Over the Shoulder Wall Hanging


Vintage, curved, hunting type horn. Made out of brass, not marked for maker or age. Measures 21" long. Bell is 11" in diameter. Weight is 3 pounds. Found at an estate sale in San Diego, California; it was hanging on the wall as a decor item. 8% sales tax for shipments within California. Please review shipping options. FedEx SmartPost usually costs less but can be very slow.
Antique Bass Trumpet Luigi Alziati Milano Italia Pretaditta Copper Trumpet-LARGE




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