Vintage HN White King Master Model Rotary Cornet C/Bb Medium Bore w/OHSC


eBay Vintage HN White King Master Model Rotary Cornet C/Bb Medium Bore w/OHSC
Antique Conn Cornet Wonderphone Model 1910 Case and Kit


eBay Vintage C.G. Conn Wonderphone model cornet from 1910. Serial number 115XXX. In excellent condition with no dings or dents. All slides pull and pistons have good compression. Silver plating is 100% although now tarnished (photos taken before last polish). Comes with original case, mute lyre, cleaning rod and two Conn mouthpieces. Selling to downsize collection. All sales final. Sold as is but ...  More
C. G. Conn Constellation long Model Cornet


eBay Vintage C. G. Conn Cornet (not a trumpet!) it takes a standard cornet mouthpiece shank. 3rd Slide ring not original. No major dents, no case. Buyer to pay $48.00 USPS Insured Shipping.


eBay IMPORTANT BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER PLEASE NOTE THIS....IF THERE IS ANY REASON YOU WANT TO RETURN THE ITEM I AM HERE FOR THE BUYER I offer returns as you can see I am a top notch seller. I think you will be very happy with your item. But if there is any reason you want to return DO NOT write me back on ebay and pick the catagory: " item not as described " or " return Item " or " Cancel this it ...  More
Cornet in Silver King Shepards Crook


eBay King Cornet in Silver, Shepards Crook. Silver pretty good shape, there are dings in the leadpipe, bell brace has been replaced and the back bell brace was resoldered. No 3rd valve ring but the screw is intact. Case and mouthpiece included, buyer to pay $45.00 USPS Insured shipping.


eBay This Tempest Bb Cornet is amazing not only for its superb quality control, but for its amazing intonation and sound projection. Each model is handmade. We go through each model before shipment to maintain our high-quality control. he bore is .462" and the cornet has a 4 7/8-inch bell. It has our unique Shepherd Crook Design, which will allow for a very open and smooth resistance. We furnish t ...  More
Vintage Shepherd's Crook CORNET with case and mouthpiece


Martin Standard Long Model Cornet, ca. 1916, for Parts or Restoration


Champion Cornet, Made in the USA, in “Ready To Play” Condition


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