Vintage Conn Victor Cornet


eBay Brand: Conn Model: Victor Serial Number: 185757 This rare and highly ornate instrument is a Conn Wonder Bb cornet, serial no. 185757, placing it in the 1921-22 production year. The bell has rhinestones both inside and out, and on the exterior is a plaque that reads, J.J.Burke 10-28-24. There are several figures engraved, including a baby holding a ball with one sock off, a figure that appears ...  More
King Silver Sonic Vintage Cornet H.N. White Company...... Needs Work


eBay This is a vintage King Silver Sonic cornet made by H.N. White Co. The cornet is from the early 1950's. Cosmetically it's generally in good shape with normal lacquer wear for its age. Functionally it will need some work. I can tell you that the 3rd valve moves but it sticks and all of the slides are stuck. I don't play so I can't comment beyond that regarding its playability. Sorry, no case. P ...  More
Circa 1884-1885 HENRY DISTIN Philadelphia CORNET #2020 Engraved Ornate


eBay It's beat up but the engraving is beautiful, and the fixtures are very ornate. Ready to be restored. I believe this horn to be around 1885 due to the serial number. More pictures upon request. Philadelphia 1883 1329 1889 5085 (*5964) 1884 1951 Henry Distin Mfg. Co. 114 S. 2nd Street, Philadelphia JW Pepper Co. 1885 2551 Henry Distin Mfg. Co. 114 S. 2nd Street, Philadelphia JW Pepper Co. Ships ...  More
Conn Besson cornet mouthpiece


eBay Conn Besson model cornet mouthpiece, made around the turn of the 20th century. Plating is gone from the rim, see pictures, insertion wear, but the hand-engraved portion is sharp and clear. Conn was the biggest manufacturer in the world at that time and made a number of different models of mouthpieces, both signature models and models for other makers. Besson was an important cornet maker in b ...  More


eBay This Tempest Bb Cornet is amazing not only for its superb quality control, but for its amazing intonation and sound projection. Each model is handmade. We go through each model before shipment to maintain our high-quality control. he bore is .462" and the cornet has a 4 7/8-inch bell. It has our unique Shepherd Crook Design, which will allow for a very open and smooth resistance. We furnish t ...  More


eBay F.E. Olds & Son 1952 Olds Speacial Cornet. Made in Los Angeles California. Serial number 85464. No frozen parts. Valve #3 sticks sometimes. Some minor dents. No case. Just needs some TLC.
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